Information to the Contributors

Abstract of unpublished research papers (strictly within 200 words) in English are invited. The broad topics are: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medical Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Botany, Zoology, Physiology, Agriculture-Fisheries and Animal Science, Engineering, Social Science, IPR and others. The participants have to register online in the website. On submission, the abstracts will be evaluated by the experts and selected for oral and poster presentations at their respective Regions. Maximum five selected papers from each broad topic (in form of oral and poster presentations) from each of the three Regional Science & Technology Congresses will be presented in the State Science & Technology Congress. The participants can present their papers in English or Vernacular.

General Information for the Participants regarding preparation and submission of Abstracts


A template (link) is provided for preparing the abstracts of unpublished research work in English only within 200 words.
Abstracts exceeding the word limit and not prepared in the prescribed format will be summarily rejected and will not be considered for evaluation.
The Title will be in Times New Roman, bold, 14 font size and to be written in proper case.
Author(s) name and affiliation(s) to be provided in Times New Roman, italics, 11 font size and affiliation(s) to be provided in Times New Roman, italics, 10 font size.
The presenting author should be marked with * after the last name. The email of the presenting author to be written in Times New Roman, italics, 9 font size and should be present just below the last line of affiliation(s).
The fonts of the body will be in Times New Roman, plain, 12 sized.
Abstract should not contain any reference or keywords.
The page size will be A4 with margin of 6 cm in the left side and 5 cm on the remaining sides.
Both the word and pdf file are to be uploaded in the website for the completion of registration.

How to select Region for Participation?

The Region of the Participants for presenting the paper will be determined by the Current institute of the Presenting Author or the location of the Institute last attended by him/her.


The twelve broad disciplines for Paper submission are:

Agriculture-Fisheries and Animal Science, Botany, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Medical Science, Physics, Physiology, Social Sciences and IPR, Zoology.

The abstracts not matching into the above broad disciplines may opt for the relevant discipline while registering online for Abstract submission.

Mode of presentation (Oral/Poster)

Submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed by a panel of eminent scientists/academicians. The mode of presentation of the paper will be decided based on the recommendation of the panel and will be final. No further request will be entertained in this regard.