Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Memorial Lecture

Department of Science and Technology and Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal has instituted Memorial lectures since 1994 to commemorate Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis (29 June 1893 - 28 June 1972) a great Indian scientist and applied statistician to cherish his contributions in Science & Technology named as Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Smriti Baktrita. In this lecture eminent scientists are invited to speak on recent developments in any specific field of Science and Technology in simple and lucid manner.

List of Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis speakers over the years


Name of the Speaker

1994 -1st WBSSTC

Prof. B.P.Adhikari

1995-2nd WBSSTC

Dr. A.P.Mitra.

1996- 3rd WBSSTC

Prof. Satyabrata Sen.

1997- 4th WBSSTC

Prof. Sushil Kumar Mukhopadhyay.

1998- 5th WBSSTC

Dr. Saroj Ghosh.

1999 6th WBSSTC

Prof. Rathindra Narayan Basu

2000 - 7th WBSSTC

Prof. Amitava Ghosh.

2001- 8th WBSSTC

Dr. Dilip Biswas.

2002- 9th WBSSTC

Sri Subir Raha.

2003 -10thWBSSTC

Prof. Jayanta Ghosh.

2004- 11th WBSSTC

Prof. Chanchal Dasgupta.

2005-12th WBSSTC

Prof. Asis Dutta.

2006-13th WBSSTC

Prof. Sandip Kumar Basu.

2007-14th WBSSTC

Prof. Devkumar Basu.

2008- 15th WBSSTC

Prof. S. Bramhachari

2009 16th WBSSTC

Dr. Pushpito Ghosh.

2010- 17th WBSSTC

Dr. Srikumar Banerjee

2011-18th WBSSTC

Dr. Parthapratim Majumder

2012- 19th WBSSTC

Dr. Mahan Maharaj.

2013-20th WBSSTC

Prof. Palash Baran Pal.

2014-21st WBSSTC

Dr. D. N. Guha Mazumder

2015-22nd WBSSTC

Prof. Ajoy Kumar Ray

2016- 23rd WBSSTC

Prof. Dipankar Chatterjee

2017 - 24th WBSSTC

Prof. Dipankar Das Sarma

2018 - 25th WBSSTC

Dr. Mani Lal Bhaumik

2019 - 26th WBSSTC

Prof. Dhrubajyoti Mukhopadhyay

2020 - 27th WBSSTC

Prof. Partha Pratim Chakrabarti

2021 - 28th WBSSTC

Swami Atmapriyananda Ji Maharaj

2022 - 29th WBSSTC

Prof. Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee

2023 - 30th WBSSTC

Prof. Sankar Kumar Pal

2024 - 31st WBSSTC

Prof. Uday Bandyopadhya

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