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Science and Technology including Biotechnology are considered among the most effective means to enhance growth and socio-economic development of a State. The erstwhile Department of Science and Technology since its inception in 1988 has been serving as a focal point for promoting and carrying Science and Technology (S&T) activities in West Bengal as a Nodal Agency in this field. It is carrying out its activities in the areas of Agriculture, Animal Science, Biotechnology, Chemical Sciences, Earth Science, Energy & Allied Sciences, Environment, Ecology, Engineering & Technology, Mathematics, Medical Sciences including Public Health, Physical Sciences, Remote Sensing & GIS, Science Popularization and Social Science & Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) etc. with a view to reaching out to the rural areas and villages as well as the privileged urban populace.

In the span of more than 30 years, this Department has traversed a long way in promoting scientific activities in the State including new Research & Development. This Department is also playing an active role in Popularisation of Science, Facilitating Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing technology based activities, Biotechnology and Human Resources Development programmes with a view to spread the utility of science and technology for the benefit of common people.

In the year 2018, the erstwhile Department of Science and Technology and the erstwhile Department of Biotechnology were merged into a single Department for better growth and

coordination of their activities towards achieving the goal of societal development of the State through amalgamation of futuristic planning and programmes.

Strengthened as a result of this fusion Science and Technology and Biotechnology now has become a Department with a quality pool of resources to introduce new schemes to overcome the challenges present in the State through modern scientific intervention and catering better services to the people of the State.

The West Bengal State Council of Science and Technology (WBSCST) is an autonomous body, registered under Society Registration Act, 1951 under the administrative control of this Department. It is functioning with the active participation by the scientific officers, scientists of this Department and Council. It is the major implementing agency of the Department.

The West Bengal Biotech Development Corporation Limited, registered under Company Law Act is also another body under the Department to look after the implementation of the schemes in the field of Biotechnology and thus it is building its own presence and strong identity among the bio-research community of the State and beyond.